Our flea shampoo's active ingrediant for killing fleas is citronella.  Although this shampoo has no residual effect it is much eaisier on your pets skin and respiratory system.
This is one of the healthy steps you can take to keep your loving companion happy and healthy!!  

Our coat conditioner has wonderful ingredients such as Aloa and vitamin E.
This product is excellent for dry skin or coat!  Your pets coat will just shimmer and the soft coat you will experience with your pet is remarkable.

Our deodorizing shampoo has a wonderfully fresh scent.  This shampoo not only smells fresh and clean but it truly eliminates odor.  Our shunk technique requires this shampoo as a finishing wash.

One of the greatest products to treat dry, flaky, irritated skin is Tea Trea Oil.  This is a natural soothing oil.  We use this as, one might call, our "Medicated" bath.  This shampoo aides in the healing process of your pets irritated skin. .

Our Products
Perfect Pet Boarding/Grooming
We use only the highest quality, all natural product available to the industry today.  We use no chemicals for flea treatments.  Our coat conditioner is the greatest for helping dry coat and skin!!