About Us
PerfectPetBoardingGrooming .com
We were established in 1988 and expanded adding the kenneling in 1999.    Our goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy.     
The business is run by the owner Cindy Stephen, master groomer, who has been in the grooming business for 25 years.  Cindy began her education in grooming as a teenager in high school before she could even drive.  Her goal in starting and continuing to run this business is to help the pets and to keep the owners aware of their pets physical condition.  She feels as pet care professionals, we are the extended arm of your veterinarian.   

Does your pet need to visit your veterinarian?  We will inform you of any conditions that might need your vetrinarians attention. For instance,  if there is a possible ear infection, skin conditions, worm infestation, and even more importantly, if there is any growth beginning on your pet.  Early detection of certain growths could possibly save your loved ones life! 
We also take the steps that are needed to help you maintain your pet and their coats.  Instructing our clients owners on their grooming behavior is a very important step in helping us teach your pet about a grooming and the proper behavior needed to get the greatest cut possible.   

Cindy believes in the continuance of education to help us give the highest quality groom possible with the least amount of stress on your pet and their skin or coat.  Your pets at this facility are treated special, with kindness and a friendly atmosphere.  Only true animal lovers should be in this business and that is what you get at this facilty.

Our care for your pet begins from the moment you enter the building.  Starting with a very clean facilty, no odor, quality, and the most updated equipment available to the industry today.  Cared for by people who really care about your animal.  You will notice this right away as our attention turns from you to your pet, as well as our conversation.                                           

        You and your pet recieve the highest quality care. Your pet also recieves a loving, caring groom, quality products, massage bathing with TLC, hand dried, and a clean finished cut.  We finish with a bandana around his or her neck or bows, for those that suit the sweet look, a kiss and sent off to the owner with love!